Reddit Scraping — Extract Community Trends At Scale

Reddit is a widely established social media platform that stands for its name, “I read it,” where people from all over the world voice their opinions on a specific topic. With the help of the texts, links, images, and videos, everyone can vote down any topic they like. With several community categories, you can participate in whatever interests you.

Reddit has been based on subreddits mostly; different types of communities exist on the platform for people to choose whatever kind of category they’re interested in. While other social media platforms have mixed-up discussion topics, Reddit’s feature enables you to dive into whatever type of category you’re interested in. You can meet thousands of people in the same category as long as it interests you.

With that in mind, it would be beneficial for businesses and marketing research individuals to understand the current trends within these subreddits to better serve their products or services. This way, business owners can clearly understand whether people like their products or services or not. It helps business owners estimate how many people would buy their product.

However, with over a million active subreddits, it would be impossible to manually go through each one and analyze the data.

This is where web scraping comes in! Which has practically limitless uses when it comes to data acquisition.

To find more about Reddit scraping and how to extract community trends at scale,

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